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TICKER TAPE RADIO 2008 / Research at RCA Design Interactions

Ticker Tape is an internet radio for people who demand tailor-made content. Using content available via the internet, Ticker Tape scans for news stories from around the world broadcasting them to the listener who can manage the content via the Ticker Tape website. Pulling the cord allows the listener to choose the duration of the broadcast. How the creation of content is controlled, how we assert control over that content, and how content can assert control over us is explored through the simple interaction of the Ticker Tape system.

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activating radio

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User Interface

I believe it is important to mediate our digital content through simple and easy to understand interactions. Ticker Tape radio is one example of how the listening and selecting internet radio can be easily managed, and controlled. Radio is a technology undergoing reduced listening audiences and broadcasting change.
By 2013 everything will be digital and new methods of receiving such content will have to be considered.