Eye-catching number cakes for birthdays and celebrations.

How to Make a 3 Design Cake

There are many ways to create an eye-catching number cake. Whether it’s for a naughty 5, a sweet 16, or a silver wedding anniversary, a number cake is a fun way to celebrate.

Make a laugh out of a birthday with a thick sugar paste message, like ‘Too Old For DiCaprio’. It’s sure to have the guest of honour in stitches.

Number 3 Cake

Perfect for a birthday party or celebration this number cake will wow your guests. Two sponge layers sandwiched with vanilla buttercream then cut to your chosen number and topped with your choice of coloured frosting.

Baking a number 3 cake is easy with this aluminium number cake pan, simply bake and remove one of the sides to leave you with a fun design for your special someones big day. Decorate with a fun number 3 themed cake toppers and your party is sure to be a hit. This number 3 cake is also great for anniversaries, weddings or any other celebration!

Number 2 Cake

Two sponge layers sandwiched together with vanilla buttercream and cut to your chosen number. This cake is ideal for wedding anniversaries, birthdays or any celebration. It can be topped with any frosting, however the ones recommended in the Cake Calculator (Swiss meringue and condensed milk) will be the most stable as they can hold up to heavier toppings. This cake serves approx 14 people. Add a letter to go with your number or buy two and save 40% – use code ‘cake’ at checkout.

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